10 tea rooms and coffee in Rome

7 Mar 2018


In recent days all of Europe has suffered a particularly intense cold snap. This climatic phenomenon called "Moscow-Paris" because of the winds coming from Siberia, drastically reduce the temperatures and brings down the snow. If in some cities it is not unusual, the snow also arrives in cities further south such as Marseille, Barcelona or even Madrid. Inhabitants, tourists, students or employees ... Roman thought they could escape! The Italian capital is better known for its pleasant temperatures throughout the year. Yet last Monday, Rome woke up under the snow! An exceptional event! The last snowfall had fallen in 2012. The city was transformed into a magical atmosphere: the schools were closed, the public transports not worked, the Romans and the lucky tourists were in the street taped to their camera...


Since then, the temperature has been rising and the snow should not cover the city again. However the temperatures are cold and the famous gelati, specialty of the country, are not really seasonal. To face this cold snap, here are many tea room and pastries where to warm up in Rome while waiting for the beautiful days, which we hope the return soon!



Tea Rooms & coffee:



Bagbington's tea room: the English ​tea time! This is certainly the best tea room in Rome! Ideally located in Piazza di Spagna, Babington's tea room has been welcoming you for 125 years, in a very British setting: large floral curtain, waitresses in uniform, pastel decorations, dishes of another time ... You are in London for a moment! Products are of a very high quality, unfortunately the prices are high ... For a tea you will pay between 10€50 and 21€. On the same for pastry, prices start with the dessert of the day at 6€ (last week it was a delicious apple pie with caramel) and rise up until 39€ for the menu (selection of several pastries to share). At Babington's you can also have a salty break.


Adress:                                                 Contact:

Piazza di Spagna, 23                                          Website

Open every day from 10am to 9pm                  Facebook / Instagram




Necci : Whether for lunch, dinner, apperitivo ... you will never be disappointed! For tea, ideal in the garden on sunny days (see even the rainy days as there is a covered terrace), they offer various teas, coffees and especially two very good hot chocolates: one thick and spicy, the other creamy and intense ... real delights!

Adress :                                                                                       Contact:

Via Fanfulla da lodi, 68                                                                                       Website / Facebook

Open every day from 8am to 1am (2am Friday and Saturday)                      Instagram



I dolci di nonna Vincenza : this Sicilian pastry (very famous in Sicily), located in the center of Rome. The place to be! For a ridiculous price you can taste the specialties of the island (including the famous cannoli): tea + 1 small pastry = 5€50. The tea room is also shop, allowing you to bring back some little gifts: biscuits, jams, chocolates, liqueurs ...

Adress:                                                       Contact:

Via dell'arco del monte, 98                                       Website

Open every day from 7:30am to 8:30am                 Instagram



Caffe Greco is the oldest coffee in Rome! You enter a in the history: once Goethe, Stendhal, Baudelaire and others also stop here. Today the decor is the same with waiters in costumes and luxurious furniture (red velvet banquettes, marble tables ...) that recall the beautiful era of Rome. Located near Piazza di Spagna, this is a beautiful address for coffee lovers. Prices remain high but the products are of quality.

Adress:                                                Contact:

Via dei condotti, 86                                           Website

Open every day from 9am to 9pm                  Instagram



The British Corner is a typical British tea room located in the Pigneto district. From the outside it looks like an antique shop. And yet when we sit on the mismatched furniture, a waiter (certainly English), we propose teas of a high quality by making them feel one by one and explaining to us what each tea contains. We are then served in beautiful English porcelain with large original teapots to use at least 4 cups. If you succumb to pastries (scones, layer-cake, cupcake ...) it will be a good surprise again, especially for the apple strudel! All the pastries are homemade, and you can see the pastry chef working behind the counter. In the evening, the house also offers a salty menu with other British specialties such as hot dogs, scrambled eggs ... and craft beers! The bill is correct considering the quality of the products (5€ tea). Better come early because the small room is filled very quickly!

Adress:                                                                                         Contact:

Via del Pigneto, 112                                                                                              Facebook

Open every day from 4pm to 1am (2am on Fridays and Saturdays)               Instagram



Pasticceria de Bellis is a small pastry shop in the center of Rome. You will taste very good hot drinks but especially their pastry which are delicious! Whether take-away or consume on site (some seating) it's a place to be for a break in the center!

Adress:                                                  Contact:

Piazza del paradiso 56/57                                  Website / Facebook

Open every day from 9am to 8pm                     Instagram



The barkings is a bistro specializing in Sicilian cooking. During the day sicilian pastries, croissants and ice cream houses will be offered,. In the evening the apperitivo is composed of an unlimited buffet and an alcoholic drink for 6€50 only. This is an opportunity to taste their various craft beers.

Adress:                                                    Contact:

Via appia nuova, 457                                             Facebook

Open every day from 7am to 10pm



Antonini : in the Vatican district, this pastry offers you excellent pastries with a wide range of prices. The drinks are at an acceptable price. In summer, the house also makes ice cream. Apart from breakfast and snacks, Antonini is an ideal place for a quick lunch (street food) or for the apperitivo which is a little more expensive than average (13€50 or 15€ with a cocktail).

Adress:                                                     Contact: 

Via sabotino, 19                                                      Website

Open every day from 7am to 9pm                        Facebook




Caffe Novecento welcomes you in a cozy place. The window is already very pretty: flowers, garlands, tables ... and when you enter you arrived in a beautiful place with small tables and especially a very large pastry buffet: cakes, biscuits, tartlets, brownies ... and even some savory food! Sides drinks, the choice in tea is very wide. All for a price that is not exorbitant (9€ a tea - two cups - and a brownie) especially seen the location.


Adress:                                                     Contact:

Via del governo vecchio, 12                                        Facebook

Open every day from 8am to 9pm



Caffe museo atelier Canova tadolini is a restaurant that welcomes you all day in the museum of modern art! An unusual concept but very touristy and rather expensive ...

Adress:                                                   Contact: 

Via del babuino, 150                                              Website

Open daily from 8am to midnight                  Facebook



Arthe roma offers a wide selection of quality teas. The place also has a philosophy of promoting art by organizing exhibitions frequently. In summer, the garden, furnished in the art-deco style is a place to be!

Adress:                                                    Contact: 

Via pasteur, 45                                                       Website

Open every day from 16pm to 11.30pm             Facebook



At Fiordité you can enjoy a wide variety of tea, all accompanied by sweet and savory specialties.

Adress:                                                  Contact: 

Via tuscolana, 30                                                  Website

Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 8pm                    Facebook

Midnight on Friday and Saturday





To prolong the pleasure:


It's true, it's pleasant to have a hot drink in a cafe but some days you have to stay at home because of weather, morale or money. For these occasions, here is a list of tea, coffee and chocolate shops to buy quality products in Rome!



Namastey, located behind the Pantheon, offers teas, coffees and chocolates (to drink or to eat) of quality. You will also find nice dishes but prices are high.

Adress:                                                                                      Contact:

Via della palombella, 25                                                                                    Website

Open every day from 10:30am (15pm on Sundays) to 7pm                        Facebook



Te e teiere offers you a selection of pretty trendy dishes at reasonable prices. you will also find some products to consume.

Adress:                                                                                      Contact:

Via dei banchi nuovi, 37                                                                                    Website / Facebook

Open every day from 11am (12am on Sundays) to 7:30pm                                Instagram



Biblitèq offers a wide selection of tea, coffee and chocolate in the center of Rome.

Adress:                                                                                                    Contact:

Via dei banchi vecchi, 124                                                                                                  Website

Open from monday to saturday, from 10am to 1:30pm and from 3pm to 7:30pm      Facebook





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