The best ice cream in Pigneto!

24 Feb 2018

"I gelati" these little delights that have inevitably succumbed during a trip in Italy! There is so much "gelateria" that it is impossible not to see them and difficult to give up. However given the number of ice cream truck in the city of Rome it is difficult to differentiate the good addresses of the tourist trap.


The district of Pigneto, located south-east of the historic center of Rome, is the new district of the Roman party. Originally it was a working class neighborhood, so very residential. If we can still see small houses that are reminiscent of a village in the city, today is especially a nice place to go out at night for a drink or "aperitivo" especially the Via del Pigneto. If you walk during the day you can follow the different graff of street art that decorate many walls of the neighborhood and if you want to stop to eat ice cream you find many places but they are not equal.


There is a "gelateria" that stands out, its name is Fattori. On arriving we say that he can not have anything in this street, that we had to be wrong address or that the place to close. But no, continue his way, go under a scaffold that hides the storefront and you arrived!




Reducing Fattori to a simple ice cream truck would not be enough, the owners, young and friendly, also offers cake, pancakes, fruit juice homemade and even ice cream per kilogramme (22 € the kilogramme...)! . The place very nicely decorated with green plants, field box and old bags of coffee. The price is not exorbitant as you will pay 2€50 a double scoop of ice cream.














However, if you want a seat avoid arriving on weekdays at 16h because the ice cream truck get raided by children after school! Besides some of their drawings also decorate the walls :)



Adress :                                                                                                                       Fattori is also present in the university district:                    

Via Alberto da Giussano, 76                                                                  Viale Ippocrate, 144

00176 ROMA                                                                                                                   00161 ROMA


🕒 7 AM - 9 PM                                                                                                                        

🌍 Gelateria Fattori - Facebook - Instagram 

📞 06 27 85 82 27
















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